At Carter & Stevens Farm, our family has been milking cows twice a day, everyday, since 1938. When you buy a gallon of our raw milk you are getting a lot more than just a delicious drink. We do not treat our cows with hormones and there are no antibiotics in our milk. Our milk is extremely fresh because we bottle just about everyday.


Our cows eat grass all day long in a pasture, which means they are happy, healthy and free range!


When you buy our milk you are directly contributing to keeping 1,000 acres of land in Barre undeveloped as open space.  So, when you see that beautiful field near your home…please let it be a reminder to pick up Carter & Stevens Farm milk!



Our RAW MILK is available year round!

Please call ahead if you plan to purchase 3+ gallons

Molly 978-314-2879