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I am very excited to be writing the first blog post for Carter & Stevens Farm!

This is something that we have been meaning to do for years but as you may have guessed running a 200 cow dairy farm, farm store, BBQ restaurant and (soon to be opening) micro-brewery has left the Stevens family little time to dedicate to blogging. So, when I was asked to shoulder the responsibility, I couldn't have been happier.

I have been working for the Stevens’ family for over ten years and in that time I have seen Molly’s vision of a small roadside farm stand transform into a full blown farm store featuring not only produce from our fields but the fields of other local farms, our own grass-fed beef, raw milk, full scale deli and one of Massachusetts’ best spots for BBQ and ice cream. And I really couldn't feel more privileged to be part of the incredible progress made by this amazing family.

This year we are set to make our biggest expansion ever as we put the finishing touches on our micro-brewery. Aptly named Stone Cow Brewery after our massive stone cow sculpture (that if you have driven 122N I’m sure you couldn't have possibly missed). We have a 14 barrel Peter Austin System where we will be brewing up suds made from estate grown and locally sourced ingredients.

It has been a more than lengthy process...from relocating the 1830’s barn from an adjoining farm, to obtaining licenses & permits to acting as mad scientists as we look to create distinctive brews. --Okay fine, sampling tons of beer for three years wasn’t too much of a troubling task ;).--

Anyways, my hope is that this blog will serve as a resource on not only our farm and the Stevens family but also agriculture in general, local ingredients and healthy living. I plan on inviting in several guest bloggers that are experts on the subjects as well as sharing my own knowledge with all of you. Can’t wait to get started!

#carterandstevens #stonecow

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