Beef Up Your Knowledge on Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef, what does that really mean and why is it better?

Most of the beef you find in your chain grocery store is grain-fed beef. These cows are NOT fed a natural diet of grasses like our cows are.

Our cows spend their days roaming our hundreds of acres of fresh, lush fields. They eat as they please, when they please and as much as they please.

Cows are natural ‘grazers’ which means they eat small portions of food throughout the day. Grain fed cows often spend most of their day indoors or in small paddocks because their is no need to set them to feed on their own---they get per-portioned meals twice daily. When cows are inside the barn they are free to sleep, move about and socialize as they please--no restraints.

Large factory farms over feed cattle to grow them faster and to make a greater end profit. Often times these types of farms also inject their cattle with artificial growth hormones as well. These hormones have been known to build up in humans and can cause early puberty in children, lower sperm count in men among other disturbing issues.

Our cows are NEVER injected with any sort of hormone to make them grow faster---they grow as nature intends.

Another issue that often arises with factory farm beef is contamination, especially in ground beef. Contamination spreads so widely because when you purchase ground beef from a grocery store you are probably getting a mix of several different cows. If later it is found that one cow’s meat was tainted thousands of pounds of meat must be recalled.

When you purchase grass-fed beef from us you can be sure that the meat you are getting is from a single animal.

Another disgusting fact is that the majority of grocery store meat is injected with carbon monoxide to give it that never failing pink color. Even when the meat starts to turn, the color remains the same! Many European countries and Canada have outlawed this practice, but the US is a little late to the game. Also much of this beef is typically treated with ammonia to keep down contamination…. Aka your meat has household cleaner in it!

We are proud to say if our beef starts to spoil….you’ll know it!

Think about many things are added..chemicals, hormones to your food that don’t have to be notated in the label?

We are 100% transparent on what goes into our beef and I’ll tell you right now it’s...BEEF!

Grass-fed beef its just healthier for you at its core!

"...compared with feedlot meat, meat from grass-fed beef... less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid,” -Jo Robinson, Eat Wild, 2010

We <3 this graphic from Green Land Farm in Canada.

And not only is our beef pure it tastes better too! Grass-fed products are always richer, fuller tasting and juicier. Cook in the most simple way, light on seasoning to enjoy the natural flavor.

So how can you get your hands on some of this grass-fed beef?!

Two Ways:

1.) Stop by our FIeld-to-Flame outdoor BBQ and let us cook up somethin' good for ya' -- try our burgers, sausage & hot dogs on Friday & Saturday nights in July & August.

2.) Buy our beef cuts by the pound at our storefront (500 W. Street Barre, Ma 01005) (we also offer meat packages that get you BIG savings, order online or in store.)

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