THE real INSIDE Scoop

Okay people, don’t lie, you want the scoop on the Stevens family. It’s only natural to be a bit nosy...I know I am!

First Generation: Donald Carter & Thelma

Second Generation: Dan Stevens & Audrey Carter (this where Carter AND Stevens was born!)

Third Generation: Sherry McDonald and her brother Phil Stevens with wife Erin Kelley

Fourth Generation: Molly Stevens with husband Sean DuBois, Will Stevens with wife Shayna Cooley, Nellie Stevens with husband Matt Zarif

Fifth Generation: Maple, Rye, Pip, Daisy, Delmar, Everett, Flint

Disclaimer! There are many more relatives who have helped make the farm what it is today--but let's try to keep this simple :)

Scoop on Erin & Phil:

Phil grew up on the farm with his sister Sherry as part of the third generation. During high school he met his future wife Erin Kelley. They settled down in Barre and Phil soon took over the operation of the farm his grandfather had established. Phil and Erin now have seven grandchildren!

Erin is a retired Social Studies teacher and is also fluent in Spanish. She is a really a wealth of knowledge and has inspired so many students during her twenty years of teaching (myself included!). When she is not acting as super grandma babysitting all those grandkids, she spends a lot of time metal detecting around our farm. She has found some really amazing pieces of history buried here; including coins, clay pipes, belt and shoe buckles and old tractor parts!

When Phil isn’t working on the farm he can often be found paddling his race canoe around Queen Lake or flying high above the farm is his paraplane.

A while back Phil fell off a roof and broke both his heels, this left him with the inability to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time. Because of this he was mostly restricted to tractor work---but last year that all changed when his daughter Nellie, a prosthetists , told him about the new IDEO brace. These braces have totally changed Phil’s life and because of that we was able to participate in NBC’s new series Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge with wife Erin, daughter Molly and son Will. (see episode #2: Bet The Farm)

Scoop on Molly & Sean:

Chances are you’ve seen Molly scurrying around the store accompanied by a gaggle of children. She is our fearless leader here at the farm store.

From a young age she knew that if she wanted to continue to make her family farm viable they must branch out. So it’s no surprise that she ended up going to the Stockbridge School of Agriculture to discover other ways to help her farm grow and succeed. Her idea was to build a modest roadside produce stand, I really don't think she could have ever imagined where she would be now!

Molly met her other half, Sean, during college. Sean grew up in the big city of Worcester but quickly fell in love with the farmer’s daughter, moved out to the country and has become a true farmer (country song??!).

We are sure you have met Sean; he’s that dude flipping those burgers we serve out on BBQ nights, (he can also do some pretty cool tricks with a spatula).

Molly has many talents other than running the farm. She is an amazing cook and baker. She is also an amazzzzing florist (and even did her own wedding floral arrangements) and knitter and somehow finds time in her busy day to homeschool her three children.

In the off season Sean, aka Mr. DuBois is a teacher at Quabbin Regional High/Middle School and is our go to guy for anything technological. He is a fantastic video maker and editor, photographer and designed our website. Sean has a near obsession with BMW motorcycles and U2.

Together Molly & Sean have three amazing, intelligent children; Maple, Rye & Pipsissewa who help to make up our fifth generation of farmers.

Scoop On: Nellie & Matt

Nellie has a pretty cool job, she's a prosthetist! She held helps people every day gain back their mobility. Half her day is spent meeting with patients to learn their needs, the other half is spent actually designing and creating the prosthetics. It’s the perfect way to apply skills she grew up learning on the farm-- problem solving, and caretaking. Nellie's husband Matt is another Worcester’ite who finally got out of the big city! Matt now works full time on the farm--he has been the main man behind the Stone Cow Brewery building process and now, the brewing operation.

Nellie and Matt both enjoy hiking and rock climbing. They have climbed Devil's Tower, twice! Matt and Nellie are our in house beer connoisseurs and have spend countless hours experimenting with recipes and sampling brews from across the country and world---sounds tough right ;)

Nellie and Matt have two of the sweetest little boys; Everett and Flint.

Scoop On: Will & Shayna

Will is the family's wild and crazy daredevil of a mechanical mastermind. You may not bump into Will too often at the farm store unless he's stopping by for lunch, most of his work is done in field and barn, fixing equipment, milking and feeding cows and making hay...but just be thankful this face didn't serve your ice cream!

Last year when Spartan Race came to the farm for the first time, he finished in the top 2% of racers that day, he had ZERO training and had already put in a ten hour day before racing!

Will’s wife is Shayna has always a sixth sense for animal care, so we are very privileged to have her as part of the family. She currently works as a veterinary tech aid but that doesn't stop her from also lending a hand to whatever is needed around here! She is often found grooming Shadow the dog, milking cows, helping with herd management and care, aiding laboring cows and driving tractor. Shayna is also a fantastic baker, sewer, knitter and mother to their two adorable farm children, Daisy and Delmar.

Scoop on Dan & Audrey (Papa & Dita):

Without this duo Carter & Stevens Farm would not be in existence. They created the place, the environment, the love that we all feel so fondly about. In their 80’s, both still contribute so much to the farm! Papa is the go-to-man for any job for anything that needs to get done in a jiffy.

In fact, I have personally seen Papa run circles around many of the young bucks. He does get a break though, with a small cabin in Maine Papa is able to get away from the hustle and relax by the ocean and enjoy fresh Maine lobster for the better part of the summer.

Audrey is very involved with The Barre Historical Society and is our farm’s official historian. She has three small dogs that she takes on a daily five mile walk-- always in a positive mood and enjoying her flowers, chickens and great-grandchildren.

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