Meet Maple: A 5th Generation Farmer

Today, simultaneously, I was brainstorming on a blog topic and nine year old home-schooled Maple was brainstorming on a topic for a writing assignment. We decided to join forces!

So, our guest blogger today is Miss. Maple Lena DuBois a fifth generation dairy farmer.

"Hello my name is Maple. My mom's name is Molly (you might have met her) She is the boss of Carter & Stevens Farm. I live on the farm and help with the animals.

I have a horse named Tilly (you might have seen her at the petting zoo). There are many cows born on the farm like this calf, he was born a couple days ago! I named him Nieve, is Spanish nieve means snow. He is white as snow.

There is also a barn cat in the barn that Nieve lives in and it likes Nieve. The cat's name is Mesha.

The cows here eat grass. When they are ready to have a baby they are put in a different pen. Some times we help the cows give birth and sometimes they do it themselves and we find the baby cows in the pen. Like Nieve, his mom did not need help and I was the first one to find Nieve."

As you can see Maple is very passionate about the farm, she hopes to grow up and milk the cows and take care of the baby calves. She has assigned her younger brother Rye to take care of the fields and tractor work and sister Pip to run the farm store.

Maple and her siblings are home-schooled here on the farm and we all take great joy in being part of their educational experience, from teaching them to make correct change for customers, measuring flour for baking or learning how to care for the animals.

I would be proud to work on a farm run by these kids!--stay tuned for an update in about 20 years !

#maple #calf #cow #nieve

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